Meet our beagles


Barnaby (Jewelston Treasure of Erlenbek)

Barnaby means ‘son of consolation’ and he is truly this. He will try to make you feel better when you are down. Barnaby is highly intelligent, and contrary to most beagles was easy to train. He is very good with small children and has an even temperament, often snoozing of the sofa. Barnaby does not like being on his own but is happy to be in a pack. Barnaby will show off when he gets the chance. Barnaby has been DNA tested and is IGS, MLS and Lafora clear.

We adopted Barnaby from the lovely Essex-based breeders Jewelston Dogs in 2010.


Ava (Charterwood Blackannie of Erlenbek)

The origin of her name describes her nature: the name may come from the Latin avis meaning bird, she is light in her step, can reach incredible heights when jumping and will climb trees. The name may be a short form of the name Chava meaning life or the living one. Ava shows her liveliness when chasing squirrels and loves to scent out foxes in the park at night. Her liveliness resembles a puppy, and due to her smaller size is often mistaken for a puppy. A true hunter, she will stay on a trail for hours. Despite all this energy, Ava is a still a cuddly dog who loves nothing more than to curl up on your lap at the end of the day. Ava has been DNA tested and is MLS and NCCD clear, although she has retired from breeding and loves to spend her days watching the world from our windowsill.

We adopted Ava from Charterwood Beagles based in Grantham, Lincolnshire in 2011.


Smilla (Fräulein Smilla von Erlenbek)

Fräulein Smilla is named after the title character from Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow, reflecting her snowy appearance. She comes from a brilliant Fallowfield line and is extremely clever even at a very young age. She has beautiful light markings and just a happy and loving temperament. Smilla gets on with everyone and everything, including cats. Smilla has been DNA tested and is IGS, MLS, NCCD and Lafora clear.

Smilla’s heritage is a strong line of Fallowfield champions. We adopted her in April 2016.

Tuppence (Gladstyle Lemon Bonbon)

Tuppence is a dainty and fine boned young lady. She is beautiful both in conformation and character and has a cheeky side to her as well. Named after the Agatha Christie character Tuppence Beresford, she is naturally curious and learns very fast. Tuppence is currently being trained by our 8 year old daughter and both aim to continue to junior handling. She has produced two stunning litters of puppies for us. Tuppy has been DNA tested and is IGS, MLS, NCCD and Lafora clear. We adopted Tuppence in May 2018 from Gladstyle Beagles.

Gatsby (Erlenbek Gatsby)

Gatsby is Piper’s son by Gladstyle Google Me and has many of her gorgeous features, yet he is compact like his dad. Gatsby is highly intelligent and very friendly. He has a happy temperament and a penchant for jumping, which is why he will be starting Agility training with our daughter. The two are already practicing in the garden. Gatsby has been DNA tested and is IGS, MLS, NCCD and Lafora clear.



Remembering our loved ones…


Piper (Erlenbek Piper Maru)

Named after a clever and creative young person, Piper was the first-born of Ava and Barnaby’s first litter born 27th May 2015, and was a real mixture of both Barnaby’s and Ava’s best features. She was very clever, as well as being refined in her appearance. Piper was very attached and great with young children and other animals. She possessed excellent show potential but also had a strong hunting instinct, and she made a delightful and friendly pet – always snuggling up for a cuddle. She was highly agile and smart, and exceedingly loyal.

With much shock and sadness, Piper passed away suddenly in September 2020, and is remembered with an apple tree in our garden.


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