About us

We are a family run, Kennel Club Assured Breeder based in Suffolk, UK. In 2010 we adopted our first beagle puppy Barnaby, and he quite literally has saved our lives. Our love for the breed has deepened as the pack has grown. We tried a range of activities with our dogs, such as agility and trail leading. Our beagles demonstrate particular intelligence and excitement when challenged with physical and mental games as well as chasing squeaky balls!


Kennel Club assured breeders

We are assured Kennel Club breeders and abide to their Code of Ethics. We believe that finding the right loving home for our puppies is as important as making sure you are confident in us as breeders. As a result, if you’re looking to buy a puppy from us, please don’t be surprised if we ask about your home or personal life. Also, we’re more than happy to answer any questions you might have about us, our dogs and how we raise our puppies.

Our core values

We believe in bringing out the best in the beagle, in their look, health, temperament and their instincts as scent hounds. We breed only to improve and hone these qualities and to bring the joy of living with a beagle to others. We are careful in finding loving and caring homes for our beagles that will compliment and enhance family values. We will continue to support you after you take your beagle home with you – if you ever need advice, please speak to us.



Our dogs are part of our family and as such live in our home, even though they have a summer house in the garden for their own enjoyment. Our dogs are used to a wide range of animals as our family extends to our four miniature horses and a flock of Polish crested chickens. And our dogs are well socialised with children of all ages!

We are members of the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme and adhere to all aspects of their guide to best breeding practice.


The Kennel Club - Assured Breeder Scheme

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