Looking after your beagle

Good Health

A beagle’s health is defined by what they eat and how they are engaged with. Our beagles eat high quality food with a high percentage of meat. They are also given healthy treats and vegetables.

In addition, regular brushing and a weekly raw egg in their food helps keep their coat shiny and reduces excessive shedding. Keeping their eyes and ears clean and brushing their teeth is important too (although it is admittedly difficult due to extensive wriggling).


All our beagles are treated regularly with wormer treatment. This helps keep our dogs free of worms as they can easily be caught by a dog eating the eggs of worms from all sorts of places. Speak to your vet about a good wormer treated they would recommend and how often to administer it, the better ones can only be bought through a vet prescribing it, rather than just bought at a pet store.

We also regularly use a spot-on treatment which provides protection against fleas, mites, various worms including heartworm, and is essential if your dog mixes with other dogs in kennels, or goes to doggy daycare.

As we sometimes travel to mainland Europe with the dogs, we follow the European Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) rules for animals travelling across borders, which means they must be microchipped and vaccinated against Rabies every two years. Our dogs have pet passports as a result, and as long as we follow the rules, travelling abroad with the dogs is easy and fun. The dogs appreciate going on holiday with us, too!

Barnaby and Ava's Pet Passports, required for travel within Europe under the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS), records the dog's rabies vaccinations and the worming treatment they need shortly before travelling. Barnaby and Ava’s Pet Passports, required for travel within Europe under the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS), records the dog’s rabies vaccinations and the worming treatment they need shortly before travelling.

Good Behaviour

We firmly believe in strong and consistent dog training. Taking our dogs to dog training classes when they were puppies was the single most important thing we could do to ensure they socialised properly, listened to our commands, and didn’t behave too badly.

Our beagles live with us in the family home and are well socialised with people, children and other animals, such as horses, chicken and rabbits. We strongly advise you to keep working on socialisation after taking the puppy home. Get a carrier and take the pup to the shops, to busy places, to school runs, but give plenty of breaks in between.

Beagles are highly intelligent and therefore know how to manipulate situations to get what they want. This is why persistent and consistent training is really important. Most importantly though, beagles can get destructive when they are bored so spend your time teaching them tricks!

Once they’ve learnt that good behaviour is rewarded with a treat, our beagles absolutely loved learning new commands. Clicker training is especially effective if done right. Do yourself a favour and find your nearest puppy training classes and sign up as soon as possible. It’s fun and essential to being a good dog owner.

Ava attending puppy classes Ava attending puppy training classes in October 2011 at Aldersbrook Dog Training in Snaresbrook

Sometimes dogs are hard to handle because as humans we just don’t understand their behaviour, no matter how much effort we’ve put into dog training. Over the years we have learnt so much about how our dogs behave, and what causes their behaviour that we can advise you if you are struggling.


The Beagle is a scent-hound, which is inquisitive and determined. His nose is almost always down to the ground, searching for an interesting scent to follow.

Since they are scent-hounds, Beagles are likely to wander off if they catch an enticing smell in the air. If they smell something interesting, nothing else exists in their world.

You may see the lone person with a lead standing in the middle of the field with no dog in sight. This is almost certainly a beagle owner. Beagles have an independent streak when out on walks. Therefore, obedience training is vital. All beagles will work with you if you have food as a treat, very few beagles may prefer a toy. Beagles require intensive work on recall using especially strong-smelling treats, such as liver treats. In a fenced off park or beach the beagle enjoys time off lead. Beagles are pack hounds and therefore will always return to the pack, i.e. you. But be aware of the picnic season, as your beagle’s nose may well take him to the nearest chicken wing.

Beagles need sufficient time outdoors to run and sniff! An occupied beagle is a happy beagle. Beagles enjoy trails laid for them and can also be trained to do amazing tricks and agility. But beware: Your beagle knows when you do not have food, so always carry some.



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