Saying goodbye to 2020…

2020 was a difficult year for many, in so many ways. But knowing how many families we’ve enriched with happy, loving beagles keeps us going. We wish all our extended Erlenbek family a very happy new year, and hope 2021 is going to be full of many excellent beagle adventures.

Hello Smilla

Our kennel has been joined by Fräulein Smilla (Sire Fallowfield Royal Rupert, Dam Farmoore Seeker). With her lovely lemon and white markings, we are hoping to start a new Erlenbek line.

She has a delightful and friendly temperament with other dogs and children – she gets on with Piper like a house on fire.


Barnaby and Smilla

Who doesn’t want to own a beagle?

So, Barnaby has decided to take advantage of the freshly vacuumed the carpet. When he stretches out like this on the floor and goes to sleep it’s pretty hard to resist his charms. So if you like dogs, consider a beagle. And if you like beagles, consider one of Barnaby’s offspring! (New litter due in about 2 weeks)

Just be sure to invest in a good quality vacuum cleaner.