Rehomed: Beautiful 3 year old Erlenbek Endeavour

Our three year old neutered beagle has now found his new forever home.


He loves his time off lead.

Endeavour was looking for a new loving home through no fault of his own. He is very obedient and has fantastic recall. This handsome boy is playful and loyal, and needs lots of playtime with toys.


Rehomed: 12 month old tricolour boy


Harvey (Erlenbek Watson) is a 12 month old dog born 1 September 2016, who was looking for a new forever home through a change in family circumstances. He is a very handsome tricolour boy who loves to play with toys and is excellent with children of any age.

Harvey has now gone to his new home.

Erlenbek Wizard

Wizard was born with a white zigzag marking on his neck, reminding us of Harry Potter, which is how he got his name. Wizard is a sweet and cuddly dog, who will happily pass you his paws for cleaning and nail cutting.

Wizard will need some strong will to break his habit of chewing… fingers. He is very much like his father therefore – in more ways than one. Wizard is great with other dogs and once asleep, he does not wake up from any noise. There is just one thing… the noise is usually his snoring!

Erlenbek Watson

Watson is the calmest of the puppies and a real show off. He will try to get your attention by sitting nicely and very still, giving lots of fantastic photo opportunities. Watson is a very handsome dog, and he loves playing with his siblings.

This puppy is content with being the quiet side-kick, which is how he got the name of the famous friend of Sherlock Holmes. He is also somewhat of an escape artist, sitting silently back to view his options and cleverly planning to get what he wants.

Erlenbek Dotcom

Dotcom is a beautiful, strong and also very fluffy puppy. With gorgeous markings and a lovely teddy face, you can’t help but want to cuddle him. He loves chewing things, so he will need lots of toys to help him use his little teeth. He may look innocent but he is a cheeky chappy who will keep you on your toes.

Unlike his brothers Dotcom has a lighter brown undercoat. He likes his food and will need to stay very active in order to watch his weight. Having been the smallest of the boys at birth he is now growing fast!

Dotcom is very intelligent and will thoroughly enjoy training (if there is food that is).

Erlenbek Hero

Having been the largest of the litter to begin with, Hero has now grown into a slim and elegant puppy. He is very good with children of all ages, and does not get phased by excessive cuddling. He will let you know that he wants attention and then smother you with licks.

Hero is active and playful and his favourite toys include squeakers. We would not be surprised if he would do well in agility!

Erlenbek Maia the Bea

Maia is the only girl in the litter. She is a petite and beautiful puppy. She might be small but has a big character and being the first born, she is in charge of her brothers. Hence she is named after the independent and cheeky bee.

Maia loves being picked up and cuddled but she needs firm training as she will otherwise rule the household with her beautiful puppy eyes. She loves playing with toys and is particularly fond of a little blanket, which she carries around to sleep on. 

We are looking for a very special home for Maia as she is our little miracle.